Why Affiliate Marketing Can Make You A Six Figure Income

In the next 12 Months – Without your own products

04 July 2017


You got started right? All set up with your Domain Name, and Hosting Account. But what now? Starting to make money online is no different than opening up a store on a busy street. Plenty of potential buyers…but they just keep on passing by. Browsers with no buyers will leave you struggling to pay  business rates or your monthly hosting fee.

How can you get them to at least click and  come in to have a look around? In a supply sales situation both a website and a retail store are so similar. Entirely dependent on attracting customers in to buy goods… to survive. Failure to accomplish this has left both the retail and online store in ruins.

Creative selling is the only pathway to profit.

Both cyberspace and town centres lie scattered with past entrepreneurs. However, not one has asked nor even tried to figure out the reason why they collapsed. Their demise has been accepted entirely without question .Was the competition too intense? Product priced wrong or was there insufficient demand for the product or service on offer. Advertising copy poor or not niche specific?.Nobody appears to care.

So to minimize the risk of online collapse…essential building blocks must be in place to build a sustainable business… without which success will be short lived.

“Every man unto himself…is the most important person in the world”
On a sunny day in June 1973 this gem of wisdom, was bestowed upon myself by a Retail Sales Manager in the Grocery Trade. At first it failed to sink in as to what the true meaning of the phrase meant. Or more importantly how it would impact on my intended career as a Trainee Grocery Salesman.

Every sales situation where a potential prospect considers buying, a thought process takes place …which is faster then the speed of light. As the prospect considers whether to buy or not. Two things are paramount… cost versus benefits. Not buying saves money whilst buying gives them a sense of satisfaction…it satisfies a need or want to which they may or not have been aware of. A person’s decision to buy is governed by the mental process of value building versus monetary outlay.

Providing the benefits of buying outweigh the cost…they will decide to purchase. Their reason to buy has been entirely governed by their emotional state.They  will buy because they are the  most important persons in the world; they must have it first.
Justification to buy can be demonstrated to both friends and relations by the use of logic. Outlining the benefits totally eclipses the monetary outlay.They feel good.

Creative Selling Online versus a Supply Retail Sales Situation?
The inability to differentiate between the two as separate entities, is the primary reason for both retail and online closures. Every high street is full of boarded up shops. Owners, who were brimming with enthusiasm, now filled with despair,resentment and financial ruin.Cyberspace is strewn with corpses of online marketeers. Brimming  with confidence and determination  to succeed at the beginning. Beaten into submission by constant rejection and competitor activity…
Now ask yourself…Where did so many go wrong?

In my opinion, the online sellers spent too much time on all the technical aspects of setting up a website. They failed to research their niche market, online competition and what demand,if any, there already was for the item to be sold. If only they had realized there was no need to develop your own products as they had already been created.  Other people with technical skills had created thousands of products, but needed others to help sell them. This is where Affiliate Marketing is unique. It offers  an individual the opportunity to try online marketing with minimal outlay and limited monetary loss.




Brian Louden

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