“How To Become a Blogger in 60 Minutes or Less”

How To Become a Blogger in 60 Minutes or Less

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Adding a Video is a great addition to a blog.

My confusion arose from not understanding the difference between having a blog and having a website. All that html stuff, domain names and ftp had left me totally lost and I had given up on having my own website as it looked  too difficult a skill to master. Just about to dismiss any notion of having my own site… when an unsolicited email arrived in my inbox. The title was rather intriguing ” How to set up your own free  blog in less than 30 Minutes”

It transpired, that if  you can use a text editor…you should be able to blog about anything. Providing you have experience and enthusiasm, you can blog about any subject under the sun. So, I sat down and picked something I had been interested in for the past few years… how to make a residual income online. Having read all the books and  attended some seminars, I felt I was more than qualified to write about my experiences. Unfortunately, my successes were outnumbered by my failures. Not disheartened in the least , I carried on trying to crack the internet code of living an online marketers lifestyle. On reflection, it was obvious that I was lacking training in  how to sell online.

All my time and money had been spent on all the technical stuff. It became evident early on, I was useless at html,ftp, website design, lead capture pages and building a list.Therefore, I was destined to fail like thousands of others had failed in the past…because of lack of training. Just having a site, or a one page blog up there, with no means of sending visitors towards it, is like having a retail shop in the middle of nowhere with the roller shutters down. Nobody can find you. Unlike having a shop, a website has to be proactive and get in front of potential customers. Once you find your targeted market, you need to lure them towards your site or blog. With no technical ability, I began to explore the world of blogging. Adept at using two fingers on my keyboard, I began my journey.

During a weekend seminar at the Holiday Inn, Reading, I was told I was going to make a video staring myself. Having attempted to learn my lines the night before, I was a mass of nerves as the video was being shot. But I was encouraged to find, my video was judged the best of all the attendees. Flushed by my success, I thought I would be allowed to make a second one…but there was no time available.


Why videos are important?

Visitors find videos more interesting than pages of text  and encourage people to return. People absolutely love video, and having videos on your blog will no doubt make it more visually attractive to the eye.
The best part about it is that you don’t even have to create your own videos! WordPress allows you simply copy the embedding code of any video from YouTube and just put it anywhere on your blog.
Let’s take the example I used earlier, raw food diets, and I’ll show you how to embed a video from YouTube into a blog:
1) Go to YouTube.com and search for videos using your keywords.

2) Choose the video you want and click the ‘<Embed>’ button located below the video.

3) Choose from the options what you’d like, then click on the embed code to select it and then right click on it and copy it.

4) Now paste the code into a blog post. Make sure you have the post in HTML view, not ‘Visual’ view otherwise this won’t work properly.

Outsource Your Content
Level 1 Writers: Before you can start to get the bigger name people writing for your site you will first need content and traffic. That is why I like to break up the topic of getting writers into 2 separate levels.
When you first start a site you need people writing for your site who are passionate about the topic/niche and just want to get the word out and be heard. They will most likely have their own blog/site and are looking for exposure.

There are 2 great sites out there that are set up for that exact purpose: http://www.blogsynergy.com

There is a site that is dedicated to hooking people up who want to write about certain topics to blog owners who need content.
This should be 1 of your first stops to find people who are passionate about the niche you are going after. They are raising their hands and jumping up and down begging people to let them write for their site.

To get started with this site all you have to do is sign up and add your blog to your account. Once that is finished you can start contacting people to write for your site.

This is an amazing source for getting unique content for your site as well as getting actual authors to write for your site. This site has a slightly different way of offering you content. Hard to argue with a 9K Alexa ranking.
The first thing you will notice is that there is an Article section when you log in with articles that you can add to your site as long as the original author allows it.
The way I suggest that you go about getting unique content written for your site is to actually content members of this site and introduce yourself. Tell them a little about yourself and what type of content/writers you are looking for.
The last way of going about finding authors is to find people who are actively blogging about your specific niche who aren’t getting any traffic at all.
These are people who are actively writing about your niche but the problem that they are having is that they can’t get anyone to read what they are writing!

They will latch onto a lifeline if you will only throw it to them! They want traffic and they want people to read what they write! If you can give them that then they will pump out content like crazy for you.
Here is the key for finding great people to contact to write for your blog. You don’t want to go after the bloggers who have a ton of traffic and already have made a name for themselves. Why would they waste their time writing for your site when they can pump out content to their own audience and put money in their own pocket!
You want to find those people out there who are pumping out content that no one is reading. These people are dying for an audience to hear what they are writing because they are passionate about the niche.
A few different ways to find these blogs is to search a few different sites:
http://technorati.com http://blogsearch.google.com
Once you find a blog that is in your niche that is being updated with content AND has a low alexa ranking is to contact that author and invite them to write for your site.

Quick Tips: People want to write on blogs that already have traffic. The main indicator of traffic is your Alexa ranking. The lower your Alexa ranking the easier it will be to get people to say yes to your offer of writing for you site. http://adf.ly
This site will allow you to get 1,000 daily views for $1.
All you have to do is spend $1 a day and watch your Alexa rankings drop like a rock! The lower your Alexa ranking the better your response rate will be getting started. To make sure that your Alexa ranking is accurate, install the Alexa Statusbar to your site:

Ezine Article Writers: http://ezinearticles.com This is the last resource that I want to talk about when it comes to getting your level 1 writers. A lot of people who are passionate about their niche turn to ezinearticles to get traffic to their sites. It is a great source of traffic that very few people know how to leverage correctly.
If you do a search for the biggest topics on this site you will find a ton of people who have lots of articles posted to their accounts about a certain niche.

A few years ago I used to submit articles during my breaks on night shift. Surprisingly, my articles could be indexed by Google before my shift ended. It is not a guaranteed way of getting instant  traffic but it gets you indexed if you persevere.


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