An Overview of Cottage Cheese Diet by Brian Louden

An Overview of Cottage Cheese Diet

Let me say this right off the bat, that this topic of Cottage Cheese Diet is very controversial in nature. I say so because there are several reports online from people belonging to both camps – for and against the Cottage Cheese Diet. In this article, we are going to look at some of the basic features of Cottage Cheese Diet and understand the methodology using which it is manufactured, both naturally and commercially.

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The phrase “Cottage Cheese” came into existence as a derivative of “cottage” where the cheese was conventionally made. Before the commercialization of this product, it was mostly manufactured in rural areas. Although there are more than 400 different kind of cheese being manufactured, Cottage Cheese is still the most popular and well known in its own right. The reason for its huge popularity is the low fat content which makes it easy to digest with no fear of accumulating unnecessary weight. In case of natural manufacturing, which was quite popular before commercialization, the milk used was left to turn sour by leaving it open for one night.

Most of the other cheese are dehydrated and have color but when it comes to Cottage Cheese, it retains its whey content since it is only drained but not dry pressed. Some of the other kind such as pot, hoop and farmer cheese are produced when Cottage Cheese is hard pressed.

The commercial Cottage Cheese is actually prepared from curd (Not directly from milk) and hence it is usually low in fat. This is also responsible for its different flavor as compared to its natural counterpart. Perhaps this might also explain for it being a favorite of President Nixon who loved to eat it with catsup or black pepper (or both).
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Now coming to the main question of nutrient content in a cottage cheese diet, in half a cup of cottage cheese, a very low fat content of 5 grams is found as compared to 14 grams of protein. Further, only 3 grams of carbohydrates are present which makes it an essentially low carbohydrate food. This much quantity of Cottage Cheese Diet is sufficient to make you feel filled or satisfied. Additionally, due to the higher protein content, your body can go on burning it for longer durations without you feeling hungry during the process.

It is important to note here that Cottage Cheese Diet does not limit oneself to cheese alone. Instead, one is also allowed to use it as a substitute for other foods. The use of cottage cheese is encouraged during breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day. People following the Cottage Cheese Diet usually consume it in different varieties and variations so as not to get bored by eating the same flavor everyday. Some people also use it as a substitute for high fat butter, which is directly responsible for weight gain.

Cottage cheese diet has also gained tremendous popularity among people looking for a muscular and well toned build. This is due to the high protein content which is available in the cheese. Although it is also accompanied with some carbohydrate content, this can easily be nullified by somebody who is engaged into heavy workout. This class also likes to use Cottage Cheese Diet as a substitute for snacks or desserts. A small quantity of calcium is also provided by a Cottage Cheese Diet, which is predominantly required for muscle building. Moreover, Cottage Cheese is also good for digestion and also contains a lot of other nutrients.

Although there is not a heavy amount of scientific proof to backup the claim of weight loss through cottage cheese diet, this simply does not dampen the spirit of people engaged in it. In fact, there have even been claims by individuals of losing 30 pounds in 3 months by practicing cottage cheese diet twice a day.

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Providing you have the discipline and determination to follow the cottage cheese diet,you should see results within weeks.However, please be aware you need to make lifestyle changes to avoid erasing any weight loss results from following a cottage cheese diet. Losing weight is not the problem when dieting. Many people gain more weight after dieting by failing to watch what they eat.

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