How to Make Money Online By Building Your List

How to Combine Your Lead Capture Page with Your Autoresponder

Automating your online marketing campaigns is vital to your success. Spending hours manually inputting data for twelve hours a day is not what the laptop lifestyle is about. If it was, why would you swap a job that you know and have trained for to spend hours trying to learn how to make money online?

Becoming a successful online marketer allows you to break free from the time for money life and live your life the way you want. No time or money worry constraints.However, you have to put some work and effort in learning new skills at the beginning. Anyone who tells you different is a scamster. The get rich quick opportunity just does not exist. I must admit to wasting thousands on the latest biz-op, mlm scheme or networking opportunity which would get me off 12 hour night shifts.Only to discover,shortly after, that they were unworkable, or too technical .

Open up both getresponse and Leadpages in your browser.

Step1) Go to getresponse. Select or create a new campaign

How to connect getresponse to leadpages

Click “My Account” then “Integrations”

Select “getresponse link”

Click “Get your API key

Click “Copy to clipboard”

Paste into the field in leadpages

They are now connected

Go to leadpages and customize the template you want to use

Go to “Opt-In- Integration”

Choose “getresponse”

Choose your desired campaign

Being able to complete the above will leave you streets ahead of other online marketers. For years, everybody thought that sending people to a sales page made you money. You will now understand the strategy deployed in building your own list of customers.. Many used to send people directly to a sales when engaged in Affiliate Marketing ie Where you are paid a commision for referring others to their product. If you do this enough, you would make sales…but very few. Once this happens your referrals become the product owners customers…not yours. Now you have to go looking for more new customers. This leads me on to the lifetime value of a customer which I will discuss in future modules.Just like people do not like cold calling. Trying to sell on a first visit is also frowned upon. Think about it would you buy off a complete stranger? No you would’nt.

Sending people to a sales page is no different. You have not built up any trust or credibility with these people. How do you do that I hear you ask. By following this well proven path.

a) Lead Capture Page b) Autoresponder providing value ie Free Report or Video c)A follow up email series introducing SpeedWealth

Never forget, the most successful people online have built lists going into thousands. When they want to make money they email their subscriber lists with new offers. There emails are read and more importantly they respond as they know and trust the sender. All the marketer has to do is sit back and watch the cash roll in. Would you like some of that… building a relationship with your list, is the key to online success.

© Brian Louden October 2017

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