What is Article Marketing?

“Article Marketing is a 100% Free Method of Getting Your Site Indexed by Google”

If you are new to selling online your budget may be limited. So spending money on paid advertising will be too expensive. However, there is a free alternative article marketing. Let us try and learn just what is article marketing. In its basic form it is an electronic communication or ezine as they are called written on a subject of interest for a specific group of people. It is highly targeted using keywords inserted within the article. Information is what people are interested in when they are surfing online. They google about topics of interest to them. By writing an article for a niche market you have more chance to be found and be read. Providing your article is well written and contains useful information the reader will be more amenable to considering what offers you have available.

At the end of your article there is a resource box. This is called a bio or biography. You can insert a clickable link in the resource box, which will take them to a product you are promoting. The more people that click..the more chance you have of making a sale.Furthermore, by conducting in depth keyword research you have more chance of attracting your targeted audience of potential buyers.

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The thought of writing articles may sound a daunting task, but believe me it is a skill that can be learned very easily. After a while, you should be able to write an 800 word article within 30 minutes. Now you know what is article marketing…you need to start today…not writing, but establishing the size of the market you are after. Too small and it will be a waste of time…too much competition and it will be impossible to achieve a first page ranking on Google.

The search engines love fresh original content. You need to write an article every day to get noticed.Once established as a prolific writer of ezine articles your rankings should improve alarmingly much to the annoyance of your competition. Before I forget, always place a copyright notice on the bottom of each article.Invite others to copy your article for free or send to friends providing all content remains unaltered, including clickable links. This prevents others from copying your article and claiming it as their work.

The lifeblood of any online business is in being able to generate highly targeted, consistent traffic to your websites, landing pages and squeeze pages.Without traffic, you will struggle to build a customer base, generate revenue or even build an online brand of your own…you will just give up
You’ve probably tried to generate traffic with a number of different strategies online, and perhaps you found it all too confusing or time consuming.
Article Marketing means that you are able to follow a step by step action plan, that will help you instantly flood your website with an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic quickly and easily, regardless of your niche or industry.So when someone asks you “What is article marketing?” You can tell them all about this method of sending free targeted visitors to your website.

There are literally hundreds of different ways of driving in targeted traffic to your website, but this is different. I don’t waste time covering outdated, costly or confusing strategies and instead, focus on the frontier method of all the FREE traffic generation strategies out there – article marketing.
So, without further delay, let’s get started!

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